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My Open Garden Pty Ltd
ABN: 73 602 617 845

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My Open Garden Pty Ltd
PO Box 294
Beecroft NSW 2119

Media Enquiries

Advance advice and contact with Garden Owners

Accredited media representatives and writers can receive early advice about upcoming events. This information is sent out by automatic email on the 1st of the month providing two months advance notice of all upcoming events across Australia. In addition we will also authorise you to be able to directly access garden owner and event organiser contact details for follow up. Please contact us if you wish to be accredited.

Open Garden / Event Enquiries

Contacting Open Garden/Event organisers

The only information we have available about events is that shown on the garden/event profile page. If you wish to send an enquiry to the owner/organiser of a specific event please use the link (under Location & Contact Info) on the relevent profile page. You will need to be logged in to access those links.

My Open Garden website queries only

For enquiries about the My Open Garden services only please use this feedback form. (We cannot answer queries on individual gardens/events - please see above)

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