Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens

Daylesford, VIC, 3460

Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens

Established on a volcanic hill that provides spectacular views of Daylesford and surrounding countryside, Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens' story stretches back to the Gold Rush era and we continue to be charmed by its towering trees, shaded avenues and rolling lawns. The gardens are included on the Victorian Heritage Register as they are of historic, scientific (botanic), and aesthetic significance to the State of Victoria.

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  • Central Springs Rd
  • Daylesford, VIC, 3460

Local Climate Zone: 8-9 - Cool Temperate to Alpine

Summer avg. Max: 24°C Winter avg. Min: 2°C
Avg Frost Days:58
Annual Rainfall avg: 938mm. Summer avg. 154mm.
No. of rainy days: 59 Winter avg. 320mm.

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Towering trees set the scene

In the 1850s every Victorian town wanted a botanic garden. It was THE civilised status symbol, and a useful place to demonstrate what plants/trees suited the district. As they grew, botanic gardens became a cool retreat in cities and in rural towns. Trees planted included oaks, ash and elm, poplars, cypresses, with blue gums round the boundary that now dominate the scene.

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