Millthorpe Virtual Garden Ramble

Millthorpe, NSW, 2798

Millthorpe Virtual Garden Ramble

Sit back and enjoy some of our treasures from the comfort of home. Millthorpe has a rich garden culture and we'd love to share some of it with you. Over the years there have been 100+ different gardens open. This year's tour includes 9 gardens (Pym St has 2 small gardens in one video). They vary from older established gardens, to some newer spaces that are transforming a blank canvas. 5 out the 9 are new to Ramble. Something of interest for everyone. Go to view.

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Last open November 2020 Check later for future dates

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  • Millthorpe, NSW, 2798

Note: Information and RegistrationMillthorpe Public School Park St Millthorpe

Local Climate Zone: 8-9 - Cool Temperate to Alpine

Summer avg. Max: 25°C Winter avg. Min: 1°C
Avg Frost Days:83
Annual Rainfall avg: 968mm. Summer avg. 242mm.
No. of rainy days: 50 Winter avg. 266mm.

Regularly Open Gardens (<100km)

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Costa endorses our Virtual Ramble

Costa visited the Ramble in 2016 and enthusiastically supports our virtual event. See him giving 2020 Virtual Ramble the big tick on video - click 'more info' on this page. 2020 has been a fantastic rebound for many areas after 4 years of drought. Visit the 9 gardens with their beautiful Spring displays.  More Info »


'Valdemar' is a large rural garden on the outskirts of Millthorpe. This year, the spectacular canola crop has been crowd stopper. The garden has many features including large old specimen trees, a rock fish pond made by the daughter of the family, a Japanese area, rock walls and steps, courtyards and sweeping lawn areas. And don't forget the most creative woodpile on the planet!
See it all on the virtual tour to be launched 31st October/1st November  More Info »


'Willowdale' Millthorpe.
The Reids built this home in 1992 on a bare paddock behind the windrow of pines. Immediately they started planting trees in the fenced house paddock and the garden evolved from there. Large ornamental ash, elm, prunus and conifers create the height and give the variety of colour to the garden. Roses abound in the roundabout and standards along the house. Maples of many colours are a feature and iris, bulbs, lavender and perennials fill the garden beds. Camellias of many colours adjoin the southern wall of the house.
The outback room, raised vegetable gardens and fruit trees complete the back yard as well as open spaces for play and animals. With a northerly aspect and newly acquired access to bore water the garden is thriving and always a joy to spend time in.  More Info »

Eidolia Park

John has designed and created this stunning 15 acre garden from scratch over 15 years. He is a self-taught master of hybridising mainly iris, but also roses and a variety of perennials. He painstakingly collects pollen from one bloom and fertilises another flower by hand. The results are quite simply amazing and now he has 1000s of different iris varieties. When asked what the driving force was behind this effort, he replied, 'My reasoning is two fold: firstly, to create a beautiful garden, and secondly to create my own, unique plants for the garden.'
The garden is beautifully designed - a magnificent place to wander.
PS - at time of filming few iris were in flower so make sure when you visit Millthorpe Garden Ramble in person, you include Eidolia Park as a must see.  More Info »

Peek behind Pym

The Pym St video covers two of the small gardens tucked behind heritage buildings in Millthorpe's main street. Pym St is lined with lovely heritage buildings primarily housing boutique shops, cafes, a hatted restaurant, a cellar door, the newsagent/general store and a few local families. John and Marnie Mason are two well known and highly respected Millthorpians whose house fronts the footpath. Their enchanting gardens that are tucked buildings built in the 1800s compliment the buildings beautifully. (Not bad for someone who admits to knowing the names of only about half a dozen plants!)  More Info »

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