Highfield Gardens

Little Hartley, NSW, 2790

Highfield Gardens

Highfield Gardens is the new garden created by David Kennedy of 'Clover Hill' garden in Katoomba. 'Highfields' has captured the attention of the horticultural world already being included in the new book by Claire Takacs 'Australian Dreamscapes' and featuring on the front cover. This large garden is still under construction. Stage one includes 'The Dry Garden' Prairie garden, Birch Grove, Rock garden/Water garden, The long border (AKA Barry Manilow border) and the single coloured borders.

Open Garden Dates/Times

Saturday, 24 April 2021 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday, 25 April 2021 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Entry Fee: $15

children under 16 free. Toilets available.
All children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children love our garden and like running around on our grass paths. But please keep them in your sight, we have wild life that may not be that friendly! We have ponds in the gardens,we wish all to be safe.
We will be including activities for children soon..

Bus groups of over 25 people receive a guided tour included.
We have various packages available for groups.

Warning: Water in the garden, Uneven surfaces

Location & Contact Info

  • 111 John Grant Rd
  • Little Hartley, NSW, 2790

Note: turn into Baaners Lane, travel for 2km approximately then turn right into John Grant Road,travel for 1 Km 'Highfields' is on the left. Parking is within the property. please refrain from parking on the road side.

Local Climate Zone: 8-9 - Cool Temperate to Alpine

Summer avg. Max: 24°C Winter avg. Min: 2°C
Avg Frost Days:57
Annual Rainfall avg: 1120mm. Summer avg. 361mm.
No. of rainy days: 51 Winter avg. 199mm.

Also open on Sat, 24 April 2021

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Garden Guide

The gardens are now just 6 years old. stone walls, ponds and rock garden have been made. thousands and thosands of plants have been planted to make this large garden.

Soil is silt with a clay underlay.Hot summers and very cold winters.

Follow ...

The dry garden.

The dry garden is at it's peak from early mid October till early December.
This part of the garden features plants from the drier parts of the world. Nepeta, Phlomis, Varbascums, Verbena, bulbs and many other unusual plants.
This has been our experiment in gardening in dry conditions.
This part of the garden is not watered so needs to stand on it's own!

We have many bulbs through this area which flower early in the season.  More Info »

The Prairie garden and Birch Grove

The prairie garden is full of thousands of plants to make up this style of planting. Autumn colors are a feature in this part of the garden in April/May.

Many bulbs are under planted for early spring colour before the perennials start into growth..

The Birch Grove is full of rare bulbs like Galanthus and other bulbs. The red and yellow stems of Cornus siberica add interest in winter. Hellebores are a feature with Galanthus in mid/late winter. Some very fine plants are found in this area.  More Info »

Rock and water garden.

The rock and water garden is split over two levels. There are two ponds a top and lower pond. many Peonies, maples, conifers and rare bulbs and alpine plants are found here.
many early flowering gems are found here.

Peonies are at there best in late mid to late October.

Long border

The long Border, AKA the Barry Manilow Border, is a garden border full of colour made up of annuals, bulbs, perennials, shrubs, roses and grasses to make a very colorful part of the garden.
This is an all season border. The Dahlias and Cannas take centre stage in late summer.
The roses and annuals are best in spring.
Dahlias and Canna's look best in Autumn

Coloured borders.

The single coloured borders are a experiment with colour.
We are using a main colour, eg. pink then adding a back up colour like plum.
We are experimenting with blue, red, orange, apricot, peach and yellow and of course plum!

we have now added bulbs to these areas for early colour.  More Info »

Visitor Comments

We went to Highfield on 3/10. They made us feel extremely welcome and allowed me to roam in the gardens taking photographs to undisturbed. The flowers were magnificent as well as rare. I would say to anyone thinking of going there, it's well worth the money.
Glynis - October 2020
Visited this morning and what an inspiration! We were seized with the Vision Splendid for our garden. Give us a minute however. When I get Up From My Chair by Pam Ayres Quiet please! Kindly dont impede my concentration I am sitting in the garden thinking thoughts of propagation Of sowing and of nurturing the fruits my work will bear And the place wont know whats hit it Once I get up from my chair. It's lovely to see a garden with the hard yards put in. WE WILL BE BACK.
Heather - August 2020
We visited Highfields on a cold June day and were bowled over. Even in mid winter it was full of colour and contained so many fascinating new plants my head was reeling. Many congratulations - can't wait to come back! Fiona & Bill (Ogilvie), Bathurst.
Fiona - June 2020
I visited Highfields today and what a wonderful garden it is with the spectacular backdrop of the Blue Mountains. This is a young garden but you can see the bones are there and I look forward to regular visits to see it grow.
Sharyn - October 2019
What a delightful morning we just experienced, from the warm welcome by the team to the inspirational stroll through the garden, then the cuppa & plant sales, what more could you want. This is a garden that will be visited many times through the changing seasons. Well done gents. Sharon & Blue, Katoomba.
Sharon - October 2019

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