Bilpin, NSW, 2758


'Perfick' is a cool climate garden set in 25 secluded rural acres. Much of the garden was planted 20 years ago and overlooks an idyllic 3-acre lake stocked with Silver Perch. Features include a three-story 15-metre tall medieval tower (open for inspection), a large walled kitchen garden and henhouse, and mass plantings of Northern hemisphere trees and shrubs. Driveways are lined with Cherry, Crabapple and Azaleas, complemented by areas of Camellias, Rhododendron, and deciduous trees.

Open Garden Dates/Times

Saturday, 24 October 2020 11:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday, 25 October 2020 11:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday, 31 October 2020 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Entry Fee: $10

No EFTPOS, children under 18 free, closest public toilets Bilpin Park

Warning: Water in the garden, Uneven surfaces, Steep slopes, Trip hazards

Location & Contact Info

  • 10 Powells Rd
  • Bilpin, NSW, 2758

Note: Free parking is available on the street nature strip, outside 'Perfick'.

Local Climate Zone: 9 - Cool Temperate

Summer avg. Max: 26°C Winter avg. Min: 3°C
Avg Frost Days:26
Annual Rainfall avg: 1340mm. Summer avg. 477mm.
No. of rainy days: 55 Winter avg. 197mm.

Also open on Sat, 24 October 2020

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Garden Guide

Annette & John Bryant bought their 25-acre 'Perfick' in 2000 when it was open grazing land surrounded by mature Radiata Pine windbreaks.

The property was initially cleared of bush in the early 1950s, with the base of some of the Eucalypts measur ...

Medieval Tower

We did an extended Garden Crawl through Europe in the early 2000s, just after we bought our Bilpin property. While thoroughly impressed by the beautiful gardens, John was fascinated by the ancient architecture - cathedrals, manor houses, castles, towers and follies.

Never having built anything before, John decided he wanted to 'have a go' at creating 'something' with medieval flavour. His Bilpin Tower is a simple structure that he built himself, taking two years from start to finish.

It is 4m in diameter, 15 metres tall, and has three levels accessed by internal circular wall-mounted staircase. Constructed from a locally invented building material, Timbercrete ( it has the aesthetics of sandstone.

'What is it for?' many female visitors ask. Well, apart from being the ultimate Man Cave, it is where John spends time each day meditating and pondering the meaning of life, away from the crazy world of materialism and social media.

Kids absolutely LOVE the Tower, allowing their imagination to run wild!

Mountain Waterfrontage

The Lake nestled in a small valley on the Perfick property is the largest privately owned waterway between Sydney and Lithgow. A perfect setting for your picnic, or just a great place to sit and take in the wonders of the natural realm.

Walled Garden & Henhouse

The 20 x 8 metre walled garden protects the veggies from wallabies and birds. A selection of productive bantam hens also call the garden home.


October and November witness the emergence of a profusion of a wide variety of Rhododendron blooms, boasting a greater 'flower to leaf' ratio than anything else in the garden. We planted 150+ Rhodos, scattered around our property in surprising places. These add dramatic impact to the other blossoms and flowers, nestled amongst the many varieties of deciduous trees and shrubs.


Pathways wander through the bush garden (overlooking a billabong where swamp hens rule!).

Visitor Comments

This is a surprisingly beautiful garden. We were so lucky that Cherry blossom driveway is at the best time when we were there this morning. Make sure you ask questions from John and Annette, I can guarantee they will share with their passion on this garden, their travel collections, their varieties of trees and flowers..... Tower hides so much secret stories that John is proud to tell, his collections, his books, his travel..... This is a garden only opened recently, a must see. We sure will be back next week or so for crabapple driveway show. Sherry
Sherry - September 2020

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